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Preserve your assets and learn options for financing long-term care. Don’t miss out on the next FREE Workshop on Financing Care and Protecting Your Estate and Family. As heard on KOMO 1000 AM Radio.

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Our workshops are free to the public and are held monthly throughout the Puget Sound. There are two general types of workshops:

  • proactive planning and
  • crisis

The handout materials and general content for these two types of workshops are the same but the speaker, Darol Tuttle, spends more time on certain topics depending on the workshop type.

Proactive Planning describes preventative steps families should take to avoid loss due to long term care costs while crisis focuses on paying for long term care costs if a family member is currently in need of care. For more info, check out the brief video below.

This short video will give you a great idea of the materials and atmosphere of a workshop. Workshops are low stress and informative.