I’m Darol – Podcaster, Attorney, and an Amateur Writer.

I do not fancy “bios”. Usually, they are written poorly, not true and, really, everyone knows this and so why bother. Really, what words describe a person? I podcast. I am an attorney. I write. I also sleep, eat, walk, sit, drive…

Ok. No. I don’t drive anymore. I gave it up. But, you get the idea.

When I was twenty-eight, I wrote down a list of goals I wanted to accomplish. I am fifty-six now and have reached all of those goals except one. I want to publish a book. It bothers me that the word “amateur” appears prominently before the word “writer” in the heading of this page. I intend to change that.

The book I have in mind will answer a simple but important question.

Why do people make bad decisions?